How Do We Deal With Unruly Customers?


For all out there who engage in buying/selling at a small, part-time level, do take note of this buyer/seller who does not seem to have reservations about showing bad behaviour at failed transactions.

Live. Life. Love

I don’t really enjoy selling on Carousell. Buyers usually haggle for discounts as though sellers owe them a living. They even expect us to send the items to them at our own expenses, at a selling price below our cost price.

If I am allowed to make a judgement, most of the buyers on Carousell do not understand the value of things.

That’s why I try not to transact on Carousell, unless, like in the following case, the items are nearing expiry and I could not finish them myself.

Selling to people who don’t appreciate the value of the stuff they buy is a waste and an insult to the fine quality products I’m selling! (take a look at some of the stuff I sell on my other blog)

I was lucky I found a very good buyer for my Nespresso capsules (thumbs up to her!) 😉😊 Those were very…

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